clicks to cash

Clicks to Cash

February 12, 2015 Posted by Ameriscope - No Comments

As the numbers of users on social media platforms continue to skyrocket, it has become a premiere site for advertisers. And there’s no doubt about it, Twitter is huge, steadily outgrowing Facebook. Twitter’s appeal is its fluidity; not only does it tells us what’s important and what everyone else is talking about, it does it to the second. As digital marketers, it boils down to clicks — they are a clear way to see engagement with campaigns.

Turning Clicks Into Money

With this kind of growth, many users are looking to make money from Twitter. While it’s a known fact that many celebrities have been paid to tweet for years, only recently “normal” users have began receiving compensation. Companies like, Twittad, and Magpie pay many Twitter users a couple hundred bucks a month, although the exact amount depends on the number of followers you have and their engagement with your tweets. Similar services continue to pop up, one app called Loot offers users cash and other incentives for participating in marketing campaings for particular brands. For a comprehensive list of ways to make money on Twitter, check out this handy list.

How Much Do Advertisers Charge Per Click?

Twitter determines fees for advertising on the platform a few different ways. Twitter’s “Promote a Tweet” feature charges based on user engagement, costing anywhere between $.50-$2.00 a click. To become one of Twitter’s promoted trends, you have to call Twitter directly: and the average pricetag is $200,000. Promoted trends are not a surefire way to get positive responses, as McDonalds found out in 2012.

The True Value of a Click

Naturally, as advertisers start spending more money on the platform, the big question is still this: how much exactly is every tweet worth? A study by SumAll finds the answer to be $25.62, with that value declining steadily after every retweet. If that number seems large to you, the value for each individual impressions is substantially lower — around $.005. The first tweet of the day also generates the most return, with each subsequent tweet slowly declining in value. Many variables are involved from one business to the next, but it all comes down to engagement; and that means clicks.

Twitter will continue to grow. So will its influence and inevitably, the price tag on Tweets. As early as next year, Tweets will gain more clout as they become become searchable on Google. Tweets should be begging users to click, so it’s important to know your audience and what makes them tick. If you’re not using Twitter for your business, it’s never too late to start.