Online Marketing Services

Ameriscope provides agencies with the tools necessary to seal the deal with prospective clients. Regardless of your agency’s specialty, adding the digital element can make a world of difference. Modernize and diversify your agency today. Check out the list below to find out more about the numerous digital marketing services offered by Ameriscope.

Design and Development

A well designed and visually stimulating website is the key to success when it comes to your clients’ digital marketing needs. It is not enough for a website simply to exist. It must draw in the visitor with appealing images and well written content.

Having a simple, organized design theme that is pleasing to the eye and filled with vibrant colors and pictures is our focus. The site should be easy to navigate because customers don’t have time to spend minutes looking for answers.

People tend to associate websites with big computers. The reality is that an increasing number of web-surfers are making the exodus to mobile alternatives like smart phones and tablets. This begs the question: Are your clients’ websites mobile optimized?

Take a look at one of your client’s website on your mobile device – does it automatically adjust to the size of your screen? Are the buttons easy to click or do you have to zoom-in and labor to get what you need? Ameriscope keeps companies current by using responsive web design that allows any website to automatically adjust itself to fit any size screen.


Content Creation

The importance of high quality content cannot be overstated enough for your clients’ websites. We know what makes writing engage with both readers and search engines, and we bring this expertise to every aspect of a business.

Ameriscope handles all content creation in-house, rather than outsourcing to copywriters overseas. This means that you can rest assured that not only will your content be seen as favorable by the search engines, it will also be of interest to the reader. Before starting, our writers prepare by extensively researching a business, location, competitors and industry to identify the most effective way to engage a site’s visitors.

At Ameriscope, we coined the term Internal Social Marketing (ISM). This philosophy emphasizes capturing the social connections of a social base through engaging native advertising. Our plans for your exponential growth through ISM are only achieved through publishing relevant blog content that is on the pulse of week-to-week trends and the national conversation. And when it comes to email blasts, a well-timed call-to-action can send your clients’ customers directly to their business.


Search Engine Optimization

From using the right words in website content to building a presence in all the right directories, we’ll create the signposts to let the Internet find your clients’ business so they can find an audience. Plenty of online marketing companies fail to gain online visibility for their clients because they partake in unethical link-building practices that are prone to blacklisting by the major search engines. This can have a crippling effect on a client’s future on the web. Our SEO philosophy is predicated on white hat tactics that contribute to a company’s presence blossoming organically.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses many different aspects of digital marketing, but they all lead to the same goal — getting a website link to the top of the search engine results page. Our SEO experts take care of everything from link-building to business listings to make sure a business website is easy to find.

Our plan is to blanket as many areas of the web with a brand to maximize exposure and create more sales leads for a business. We also like to bring clients along for the journey by sending Google Analytics follow-up reports to monitor website traffic.


Digital Marketing Services

We work with all kinds of businesses in various levels of web proficiency. Each client is unique. That’s why we offer customized marketing services based on your agency’s web marketing needs. From fully packaged web marketing services to individual services, we’ll give you packaging options that work with your clients’ budgets and most urgent needs. So pick and choose from our menu of marketing services: Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, SEM, ISM, Web Design, Email Marketing, Electronic Press Kits, PPC Campaigns and Sweepstakes Campaigns.

As an added perk, all of our clients are also afforded a free online coupon platform called The Lucky Deal, which allows for online coupon creation and management. To talk more about which marketing packages are best for your clients, please reach out to us today.