The Lucky Deal

The Lucky Deal looks after the best interests of your business.

The Lucky Deal is a daily deal coupon website created by Ameriscope to connect local businesses to the customers looking for their services. If you are looking for a way to bring new customers through the door, The Lucky Deal is the website for you.

Back in 1995, Ameriscope created the first website ever to feature coupons online. An evolution from that concept, The Lucky Deal provides customers with coupons for use on a daily basis, Super Coupons that offer between 50 and 90 percent off of certain services, and sweepstakes offers from businesses in your community. The Lucky Deal does not charge customers for their participation in its service, nor does it ask for payment from customers to buy daily deals upfront. The Lucky Deal is the only coupon and deals website looking after the best interests of both the customers and businesses that participate.

As a business owner, you may remember horror stories of companies ultimately bankrupted by participation in the average daily deal website deal. But forget what you have heard about the drawbacks of daily deal websites. The most important aspect of The Lucky Deal for business owners is the fact that it breaks the mold created by daily deal websites that have recently grown in popularity. Unlike most daily deal websites that take 50 percent of the already discounted funds raised, to introduce businesses to the service The Lucky Deal offers its coupons to businesses for free.

As a service of Ameriscope, participation in The Lucky Deal can introduce your business to hundreds of potential new customers. And the customers found on The Lucky Deal are not just any new customers, but local customers. With local customers, the potential for return visits is much greater than that with customers from out of town, and your business therefore has a chance to establish a regular customer base.

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