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Why We Love Small Businesses

January 12, 2015 Posted by Ameriscope - No Comments

Ameriscope loves small businesses. We love working with family owned companies. We love being a part of their growth and success. They rightfully deserve their own special day after Thanksgiving. Fun fact: Small Business Saturday has only been around for 5 years! Small Business Saturday allows for small businesses to have their chance at greater sales with discounted prices. Otherwise, large corporations would monopolize on Black Friday, and small businesses would quickly fade. Small businesses are special and unique to the industry for a few different reasons.

Small Businesses are able to provide a wider range of options.

The more options, the better! We’ve seen it ourselves. Some small businesses offer breakfast even though they are burger joint. Others include rotisserie chicken when their specialty is Mexican food! What’s great about all of these options? They are crafted very carefully and constantly change. Small businesses have the freedom to try new things, and play around with their products to their customers’ liking. They take the time to read your Yelp! Reviews, and adjust accordingly to your comments. They will even take the time to respond to your review! Forbes describes this advantage in customer service as “more personalized, hands-on and noteworthy from smaller businesses.” They also recommend that everyone should support small businesses, too.

Small Businesses have the opportunity to treat their employees better.

Just walk into a restaurant or car shop and ask one of their employees how long they’ve been around. You’ll hear years ranging from 10 to 20 years! Some small businesses involve the whole family! Where do you think the phrase “Mom and Pop” came from?! Most large chains can’t keep their employees for even a year! These employees stick around, because their owners care about them and their families. They become extended family. When an employee needs something, they can ask the owner who is usually less than 20 feet away. In large companies, there are many more loops to go through to get a question answered.

Small Businesses bring competition, inventive ideas, and new creations.

Without first being a competitive small business, huge corporations would not be where they are today. Small businesses dedicate large sums of time, labor, and commitment to see their companies flourish into big businesses. A write-up in USA Today recently remarked, “Only small business can save America.” Small businesses keep big businesses on their toes. They help create the culture of the community that they are in. Small businesses plant a tiny special seed, and Ameriscope’s desire is to see that tiny seed take stance with all flowers, competing for a spot in the flower pot. Small businesses bring a new vibrant color no one has ever seen before.