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Hiring Your First Marketer

March 18, 2015 Posted by Ameriscope - No Comments

Hiring your first full-time marketer means your company is growing. Your company is on the verge of breaking into a higher level of business. When hiring a marketer for the first time, you have to be particularly thorough and careful. One misstep will make the difference in not breaking into that higher level of business. It can be unnerving to bring in a full-time employee that has duties that are far different from the other employees’ duties. Marketing is a segment of business that requires its own type of knowledge-base. So unless you have experience in the field,  it’s likely that you won’t be able to gage this new hire as well as you normally could. This means you  have to able to lend more trust to this new hire. Without worrying too much, it’s important that you hire the right candidate the first time.

Finding the Right Match

Your top priority is knowing exactly what you need from your marketer. When creating the job description that’ll be placed onto job-listing websites, communicate specific skillsets. Insight into the field, fresh perspectives, and contacts in the industry are indicators of an ideal candidate. You want someone that can produce original ideas and through their contacts, implement those ideas.

Especially at the start-up level, marketers take on roles that fluctuate, change, and evolve.  In the job description, include something along the lines of, “duties as assigned.” If you include a tidbit like this, it will: 1) help safeguard you from applicants that aren’t willing to learn new things and 2) deter the vapid complaint of “this wasn’t in the job description.” At the interview phase, it’d serve to even discuss how the mandates of the job will shift as the business grows.

A good marketer will garner new clients through knowing the market they need to reach and showcasing the company in its best light. At Ameriscope, we have years of experience helping small businesses find their local clients. To see if we are the right fit for you, take a look at some of our services.