Let Ameriscope Help You Open Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Learn About How You Can Partner with Ameriscope and Open Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Ameriscope is always in search of hardworking people who are looking to open a Digital Marketing Agency or grow their current agency. As an expert in all things local in your community, you can assist our national operation by presenting new client opportunities. We’ll provide you with the digital marketing tools to make this possible. The beneficiaries: local businesses, residents and agents.

Who Can Apply to Open a Digital Marketing Agency?

Applicants interested in becoming Ameriscope agents typically fall into two categories: 1) Pre-existing agencies or businesses seeking digital growth opportunities, and 2) Entrepreneurs who exhibit some of the following qualities:

• Strong background in sales or marketing
• A love of the internet
• Interest in starting your own business, but lacking the capital to get started
• Desire to be your own boss and run your own agency

To apply to start your own digital marketing agency with Ameriscope, please inquire here.

What Are the Perks of Working with Ameriscope?

Ameriscope provides agents with the following resources free-of-charge:

Agency Care Package: Customized business cards, client agreement contracts and stationery with your name and your agency’s name.
Brand New Agency Website: A fresh platform to sell yours and Ameriscope’s digital marketing agency services, fully personalized for you.
Consultation & Support: Ongoing assistance from Ameriscope’s staff to deliver custom solutions to your clients and the option of Live Chat for urgent matters.
Client Coupon Management Software: Administrative access to create & manage client promotions through The Lucky Deal online platform.

How Can Ameriscope Help You Open Your Own Digital Marketing Agency?

Ameriscope allows existing agencies to grow and also helps prospective agents set up their own independent agencies. For qualified applicants, there are no upfront costs to get started. You don’t even need to have an office space. Ameriscope’s mission is helping small business owners grow their business through internet marketing services. As a digital marketing agency owner, you can apply our mission to your local area.

We’ll give you all of the tools, software and manpower to get the job done for your clients. In the meantime, you can continue growing your business. Your job as a digital marketing agency with Ameriscope is to find business owners that need better websites and web marketing. Even if you don’t have any clients right now, the perfect agent will excel at identifying and attracting these clients. Once you bring in new clients, our job is to make you look good.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, what Online Marketing Services Can I Offer My Clients?

Consider Ameriscope a secret weapon that agencies can keep in their back-pocket when it comes to satisfying the needs of clients. Agency affiliates of Ameriscope will be able to offer clients all of Ameriscope’s online marketing services.

One of these offerings is a free web evaluation. This is a detailed assessment of a client’s web presence and how it can be improved. In layman’s terms, web evaluations paint a portrait of a company’s life on the web. Once customers are made aware of their site’s deficiencies, there is a high likelihood that they will want to hire your agency to fix them.

In addition to web evaluations, Ameriscope provides your agency’s clients with web design work, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) expertise and keyword-integrated content generation. You and your clients are also afforded an invaluable, online coupon platform, The Lucky Deal, which can be used to manage client promotions. Simply put, our software allows you to manage client coupons and sweepstakes online. This is a powerful tool for any marketer which we offer to our agents for free.

Once My Agency Has a Client, How Can I Implement Internet Marketing Solutions for them?

You do not have to have any execution-based knowledge of how to enhance a client’s web presence. Ameriscope has you covered. Our in-house web developers, copywriters, graphic designers and social media pros will work for your clients daily. If you have a client that needs a 180 degree web marketing transformation, this is an attractive package that you can offer. It’s also a great way to grow your agency.

All you have to do is make appointments for prospective clients and guide your current clients along the way as their go-to agent. Agents can be involved as little or as much as they want when it comes to the actual implementation of digital marketing.

Will Agents Be Paid?

Ameriscope agency affiliates are paid for their efforts. Agents receive residual payments of the lump sum for every client brought into the fold. If a client is brought on as a monthly retainer, agents can then collect residual payments for each month that a particular business remains a client. As a successful agent you can imagine how lucrative your business can be when you start racking up monthly accounts – the sky is the limit.